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Sauce Cups-PP Material

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The Sauce Cups are made of PP material,and the lids suitable for them are made of PET material

The Available Sizes are 1oz,1.5oz,2oz,3.25oz,4oz

Dimension(Top*Bottom*Height mm)

1oz:44*30*32mm,2500pcs/ctn,ctn size:23.5*23.5*35.5cm

1.5oz:61*48*22mm,2500pcs/ctn,ctn size:32.5*32.5*38cm

2oz:61*45*31mm,2500pcs/ctn,ctn size:32*32*37cm

3.25oz:74*54*34mm,2500pcs/ctn,ctn size:38.5*38.5*40cm

4oz:74*48*47mm,2500pcs/ctn,ctn size:38*38*42cm

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